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Wellness Coach Partners With Newfront Insurance To Address Extreme HR Stress

By Karthik Kashyap

Originally published via Toolbox for HR

HR and leadership professionals are currently going through uncertain times and are facing various challenges. As such, they are also highly stressed out. Wellness Coach, a wellness coaching platform, has launched a course specifically for these professionals to beat extreme stress.

Wellness Coach, a wellness coaching platform that provides physical and mental wellness tools to companies, has announced the launch of a new course. The course named “Mindfulness for People Leaders” is available on Wellness Coach’s platform and is designed specifically for Leadership and Human Resource professionals. The company is further partnering with Newfront Insurance, an insurance brokerage company, which will provide the program to over 4,000 of its business clients.

A Glance Into the Course

As the Annual Enrollment arrives in November, which is usually the busiest time for HR and Leadership teams, the platform wanted to provide a special course for HR teams that help support organizations. The course intends to help HR leaders combat possible burnout and improve their mental strength with mindfulness skills.

The course focuses on a few key themes, such as stress-busting exercises, building mental habits, and learning how mindfulness can help stay focused. It also focuses on exploring strategies and practices to limit self-judgment, new approaches to handle difficult conversations productively, and building habits to avoid burnout and energize the body and mind.

Why This Is Important

Organizations are currently going through uncertain times. While employees and job seekers face one type of challenge, organizations and HR professionals are facing a different challenge. They faced disruption and uncertainty, safety threats due to the pandemic at the workplace over the last 18 months. Now, they face the “Great Resignation”, where employees are quitting at unprecedented levels, and HR professionals are finding it hard to hire the right talent. Further, they are also facing issues related to social justice and racial equity. Along with these challenges, they need to take care of workplace health and safety measures, work from home policies, unprecedented disability claims, and employee mental health.

According to a recent study by Paychex, about 70% of HR leaders said this had been one of the most challenging years for them. Further, in another study by blind, about 77.3% of HR professionals faced breakdown and burnout during the pandemic.

As such, courses and sessions that help HR professionals and leaders combat their stress become vital.

Talking about the course, D Sharma, co-founder and CEO, Wellness Coach, said, “HR and People leaders have tough jobs, and often spend so much energy attending to the rest of the organization’s needs that they don’t make time to focus on their own needs and address their own vulnerability to stress, anxiety, and burnout. This year has been unprecedented for everyone, but HR leaders are often at the front lines for dealing with workplace stress and having tough conversations about employee wellness. We want to make sure that HR leaders are getting the support they need and taking time for themselves to practice mindfulness and focus on their well-being.”

“HR professionals have so much on their to-do list right now, and it’s important to give them a resource that’s designed for their unique emotional wellness concerns.HR leaders have done so much to support the rest of their teams and organizations through this time of crisis and transformational change. Wellness Coach is addressing the people who take care of all employees, by offering this special mindfulness course for HR pros,” said Carolyn Locke, vice president and principal, employee benefits, ABD Insurance & Financial Services (now Newfront).

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