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Are you looking to take your Human Resources (HR) knowledge and expertise to the next level? By earning your SHRM certification, you can effectively differentiate yourself as a leader and expert in the field of human resources. 

Through the certification process, you will learn from the experiences of other HR professionals and obtain modernized, relevant information on best practices for handling day-to-day business. 

Read on to discover the importance and process of earning your SHRM Certification, and how Wellness Coach can help you maintain your certification status through our live webinars and  on-demand webinar recordings.

What Is SHRM Certification?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a membership organization dedicated to the professional development of human resource employees worldwide. SHRM’s goal is to help HR professionals enhance their job performance by providing comprehensive resources for a thorough knowledge of the industry. 

SHRM has established two certifications that have become the global standard as a representation of HR expertise:

  1. SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP®) — designed for early to mid-career professionals with 0-4 years of experience within an HR role.
  2. SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP®)  — designed for senior-level practitioners with 3-7 years of experience within an HR role.

Earning an SHRM certification adds value to a resume as an HR professional, as it showcases overall competency and knowledge within the field. 

How Can I Earn My SHRM Credentials?

HR professionals are required to take the SHRM Certification Exam in order to officially become certified. Applicants must first ensure that they meet the specific educational and work experience criteria required to sit for the exam. Eligibility requirements are based on education level, degree, and the amount of time spent within an HR role. 

Applications can be completed during an open registration period during the winter or spring. Once the application is approved, applicants will be given the option of taking their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP at an authorized testing center, or at home through live remote proctoring. SHRM provides a variety of study resources to help with exam preparation, such as self-study materials and sample questions. 

The certification exam itself focuses on knowledge based questions about the HR industry as well as scenario based questions to test situational judgement. 

How Can I Earn My SHRM Credentials?

After passing the exam and earning SHRM certification status, examinees are required to recertify themselves every three years. This can be done by either retaking the certification exam or earning 60 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by participating in professional development activities that relate to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (BoCK). As the basis for SHRM credentials, the BoCK represents the behavioral competencies and HR knowledge needed for effective job performance. 

Where Can I Earn Professional HR Development Credits?

SHRM credential holders can obtain their recertification status by participating in professional development activities, which demonstrates the credential holders’ commitment to continuous learning and growth within the HR field. There are three avenues in which PDCs can be earned:

    1. Advance Your Education: Self-paced and instructor-led continued education activities. This includes pre-approved conferences, seminars, and educational workshops.
    2. Advance Your Organization: Work-related projects that meet or support the goals of your organization. Documentation must be submitted to provide a defined project objective and a breakdown of your involvement. 
  • Advance Your Profession: Thought leadership and volunteer activities that contribute to the overall development of the HR profession, including presenting at local conferences or publishing a research paper.

The SHRM Recertification Provider Program was established to give individual organizations the opportunity to award credits through the use of HR-related “Competency and Knowledge” programming. This makes it easier to identify activities that meet the recertification requirements; any company utilizing the SHRM Recertification Provider seal has been pre-approved for professional development credits. 

Earn Your SHRM Credits With Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach is one of the latest companies to be approved as an SHRM Recertification Provider for HR professionals working to maintain their credentials and knowledge! By participating in one of our SHRM-approved live or on-demand webinars, you can take steps towards earning your required 60 PDCs. 

To help you work towards recertification, we’ve provided a variety of discussions surrounding mental health and workplace wellness that will help you as an HR professional support employee wellness within your organization. 

Be sure to visit the SHRM Certification Portal for a look at our current webinar offerings (must login with your mySHRM account to view), and visit the Society for Human Resources and Management website for details on the certification and recertification process.

Webinars with Wellness Coach

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