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The Wellness Coach app was developed with the needs of remote teams in mind. Our goal has always been to help organizations practice mindfulness and wellness in order to curate a positive work environment. Now, we’ve made it even simpler to incorporate wellness into your remote workplace! 



We’re excited to announce that Wellness Coach has officially launched its new Slack app integration, allowing users to participate in wellness sessions directly within the digital communication platform. As more teams begin to incorporate Slack into their remote work processes, the ability to seamlessly connect to a digital wellness platform makes it easier to prioritize team wellbeing. 

Wellness Coach Slack App Features

Access Our Library of Wellness Sessions

The Wellness Coach Slack app allows you to start a Mind or Body session directly within your Slack channel. Simply tell us how you’re feeling, and we’ll provide you with the perfect class to meet your team’s needs. You can begin your meetings with a group wellness session, or take time for an individual session throughout the day.  

Remote Work-Friendly Meditations and Workouts

Our Slack app fitness and meditation sessions are designed to be completed from the comfort of your home office. From 5-minute or less classes that don’t require any workout equipment to seated yoga sessions made to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, your remote team will have a new way to interact with one another. Teams can even run polls to see which activity everyone is interested in and send reminders to everyone later on in the day.

Mindfulness and Mental Health Resources 

For the times where you need to take a moment to step away and decompress, the Wellness Coach Slack App offers individual wellness sessions. Launch a “Mindful Meetings” session to help you shift gears between tasks, or follow along with a short movement class to reduce anxiety. 

Personalized Reminders and Recommendations

With daily meditations to help you start your day with mindfulness and affirmations to keep you motivated throughout the work week, the Wellness Coach Slack app is designed to encourage users to prioritize their wellbeing. For those who need an extra nudge, users can also set in-app notifications to remind them to take a short break, anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. There’s even a Water Breaks feature to help you remember to stay hydrated during the day. 

Visit our website to learn more about how to integrate Wellness Coach into your Slack workspace. If you aren’t already a part of the growing Wellness Coach community, request a demo today to learn more about how our digital wellness platform can boost productivity and employee engagement within your organization.

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