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Company culture, at the heart of every organization, is the key to a resilient, happy, and motivated workplace. With remote and hybrid work dominating the current industry, a healthy company culture that promotes wellness and psychological safety is no longer just an option — it’s an absolute necessity.

As a manager, it’s important to take initiatives that will help your team avoid diluting company culture, especially in a remote environment. The ability for teams to engage together is essential for aligning everyone with organizational growth and professional development. Read on to discover the benefits of strong company culture and how wellness apps can help improve engagement on a remote team.

What does a strong company culture look like?

It’s not uncommon for a company culture to manifest itself in a variety of ways. By definition, company culture is described as a set of values, behaviors, and shared vision of the workplace. There are many elements that shape a strong culture, such as being innovative, fun, a team player, empathic, and collaborative. However, remote work introduces an additional layer of difficulty when it comes to creating conditions that support this cultural vision. Establishing and upholding a healthy and lasting company culture requires a lot of intention, especially for remote teams.

Managers and employees alike are relying heavily on digital tools to maintain consistent communication and teamwork across different platforms. Many employees are finding themselves plugged into their phones and laptops for the majority of the day. This excessive use of technology has been linked to increased feelings of stress, anxiety, and struggles with mental health. With remote work relying solely on this type of communication, the importance of company well-being is evident now more than ever.

It’s time to help your company culture thrive by making wellness easily accessible directly where your team works. Incorporating wellness into your remote team rituals and day-to-day activities will not only benefit team members individually, but will also transform the way that your employees build, maintain, and support each other. Here are three integrations that are specifically designed to help your employees bring wellness into their daily work routine.

Start a wellness session in any channel with the Wellness Coach App for Slack

Your remote team is constantly communicating and getting work done together in Slack, but how often are they taking a break away from the daily grind?

The Wellness Coach App for Slack seamlessly builds wellness into your team’s Slack channels. This innovative integration takes wellness to another level by bringing it right to your employees’ fingertips! Your team can share the Wellness Coach app in any channel, access the library of classes directly through the platform, and set up in-app notifications to take self-care breaks. There’s even a ‘water break’ feature that will remind your team to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Here are a few ideas of how to use the Wellness Coach integration in Slack:

👉 Send a Slack message asking the team to partake in a 3-minute stress relief session. Then, have them react with an emoji of how the session made them feel.

👉 Ask everyone to choose three wellness classes from the platform, try them out throughout the week, and share their selected favorite with the team.

👉 At the end of the week, invite everyone to try a yoga or mindfulness session and share their experience in a Slack thread.

It’s vital for companies to be intentional about how they build and maintain their company culture, starting with something as simple as a Slack message. One of the best ways to nurture a thriving culture is to encourage open communication within the team. The Wellness Coach app for Slack makes it easy for employees to connect outside of work-related conversations — without ever leaving the communication platform.



Bring wellness into the workday with the Wellness Coach App for Microsoft Teams

It’s time for your team to work together to access the power of meditation and mindfulness, directly from their workplace collaboration hub! During your next virtual meeting or whenever your team just needs a break, bring your remote team together with the Wellness Coach App for Microsoft Teams. Your team will receive guidance to help them meditate, stretch, and even connect with one of our certified coaches directly within their Teams instance.

Employees need to feel connected with each other, especially in a remote workplace. Research shows that remote team members who feel isolated are less collaborative, innovative, and supportive of each other. It’s important for teams to take extra measures to build trust, visibility, and connection between colleagues in order to bridge the isolation gap and connect as a unit.

Our extensive library of wellness sessions allows your team to find a class that fits their collective wants and needs. This app will allow your team the space needed to establish deeper connections, in turn enabling them to make healthy changes and support each other along the way. Additionally, our certified wellness coaches can provide your team with personalized coaching that will elevate their personal and professional relationships.

With the Wellness Coach app for Microsoft Teams, your employees will be well on their way to practicing wellness as a team and creating a standard that puts their well-being first. Together, your employees can implement wellness initiatives that will reduce stress, improve focus, and build a thriving company culture.




Practice wellness where your team work with the Wellness Coach App for Zoom

Meeting-packed days just got a little bit easier! The Wellness Coach App for Zoom is the ultimate antidote to workplace stress and anxiety for every Zoom user. Your employees can enjoy a wellness break before, during, or after their meetings. Help your team avoid burnout and fatigue by advocating for wellness directly within your Zoom calls.

Here are just a few of the benefits that your team will receive when using this integration:

✔️ Desk-friendly workouts and chair yoga to re-energize and de-stress in between meetings

✔️ Stretching practices to help relieve eye strain, wrist pain, and neck & back tension at

✔️ Mindfulness and mental health tools to enhance productivity and combat burnout

✔️ Meditations to improve creativity and maintain a positive mindset

Encouraging your employees to commit to a wellness initiative alongside their daily routine will communicate to them that they are respected and valued on both a personal and professional level.

No matter how your team decides to implement wellness into their day, the Wellness Coach app for Zoom makes it easier than ever for leaders to foster a strong and inviting company culture.

For example, your list may include yoga, breathing exercises, going for a walk, or having a conversation with someone you can confide in. Take the initiative to introduce a 5-minute mindfulness session into your workday and encourage your team to participate!



Fuel a healthy company culture by prioritizing the wellness of your teams

Our Wellness Coach platform encourages better wellness practices for your employees to help them avoid stress, reduce the risk of burnout, and cultivate a thriving work environment. Whether your company is rebranding its culture or looking to take the first step towards a wellness initiative, our integrations are designed with everything your team needs to foster a fruitful, collaborative, and successful remote workplace.

It’s important to realize that your employees are your company’s most important asset, which is why developing a healthy remote environment can help your team flourish. Company culture speaks highly about the employees, leadership, and the organization as a whole. Maintaining a strong culture is just as important as establishing it.

Committing attention to wellness on a daily basis will help your employees benefit from long-term rewards. Our readily available wellness initiatives make it easier than ever to integrate the Wellness Coach platform with your team’s favorite apps to make wellness a guaranteed part of your remote workplace.

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