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With the massive shift to remote work and hybrid work environments, millions of teams are connecting online to collaborate, communicate, celebrate wins, and achieve their goals together.

As we rely more and more on digital tools, it’s easy to forget to take breaks, unclench your jaw, and just simply breathe throughout the workday. And if you have a day packed with meetings, the feelings of fatigue and symptoms of burnout are even more profound.

But your team doesn’t need to jet off to a tropical island (even though that sounds quite nice) to enjoy the benefits and effects of wellness, meditation, mindfulness, and exercise.

We’re excited to launch the Wellness Coach App for Zoom! Our all-encompassing, digital wellness platform is now available on the Zoom App Marketplace with a variety of classes to help you and your team stay energized, focused, and engaged throughout their workday and beyond.

As part of this launch, we are also announcing free access to Wellness Coach for Zoom for small and medium businesses for up to 25 employees.


The Wellness Coach App for Zoom is the antidote to workplace stress and anxiety, offering a variety of short wellness practices ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, including:

  • Desk-friendly workouts and chair yoga to re-energize and de-stress between meetings

  • Stretching practices to help relieve eye strain, wrist pain, and neck & back tension

  • Mindfulness and mental health tools to enhance team productivity and combat burnout

  • Daily meditations to help you improve creativity, maintain a positive mindset, and learn the basics of mindfulness meditation


Within the app, you can choose the wellness activity you want to focus on by trying a new practice with a single click. Your team can also enjoy a new daily meditation to work on building a habit of practicing mindfulness. We offer a variety of sessions to help you and your team stay energized, focused, and engaged throughout the workday and beyond.

Mindfulness session in Wellness Coach App for Zoom

“As a holistic wellness platform on Zoom, we are giving employers the opportunity to bring corporate wellness programs to the masses,” explains D Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Wellness Coach.

“A workplace that prioritizes physical, mental, and financial well-being will cultivate a more cohesive, productive, and resilient workforce — Zoom is helping us to bring holistic wellness to life in this now normal remote workforce.”

It’s time to prioritize your team’s well-being. Download the Wellness Coach App for Zoom from the Zoom App Marketplace and try a meditation session during your next team meeting and transform how your team works better, together.


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