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New year, new features! Our team has been working on a variety of in-app updates to make your wellness journey as easy and exciting as possible. Discover what’s new on the Wellness Coach app this month. 

New Wellness Coach App Features

From widgets to new wellness sessions, we’re excited to offer you an elevated app experience, including:

Picture in Picture Support: Users are now able to exit the Wellness Coach app and continue watching any on-demand or live sessions without interruption.

Apple Widget: Wellness Coach can now be added as a widget to your iPhone Home Screen for quick access to Daily Meditations throughout the day and bedtime stories at night.

Wellness Coach New Features

Weekly Checklists: Need some help staying consistent with your wellness goals? The new Weekly Checklist feature provides users with a set of three Mind and Body sessions at the beginning of each week, as well as a fourth bonus session that can be unlocked by progressing through the checklist. You’ll see a confetti celebration after the completion of each class, and earn a digital badge as a reward for working through all four sessions.

Wellness Coach Checklist

Binaural Beats for Sleep: Binaural beats are a new form of sound therapy, designed to lower stress, manage pain, and increase relaxation through the use of varying sound frequencies. We’ve added a variety of binaural beat audio recordings to the Sleep section of the Wellness Coach app to help you wind down before bed. Headphones are recommended to ensure you’re getting the full experience! 

Short Workout Sessions: If you’re having trouble finding time for a full-length training session during your busy work week, be sure to visit the Body section of the app for our new 5-10 minute fitness classes, from tension relieving stretches to full body circuits. 

Wellness Coach Short Workout

Seated Stretching Exercises: Seated exercises are a quick and convenient way to incorporate wellness into your day-to-day routine. These new additions to the Body section of the Wellness Coach app will help provide stress and tension relief from the comfort of your desk.

New Coaches: Our team of world renowned wellness coaches continues to expand this year! Here’s a look at a few of the new coaches that you’ll be seeing on the app soon:

Coming Soon to Wellness Coach

New Workout Programs: We’ll be introducing Dance, Barre, and Mindful Movement workout programs to the app this month, for a wider variety of ways to stay active. 

Breathe Bubble: Coming soon to the app, the breathe bubble is a self-guided tool designed to reduce stress and anxiety through breathing exercises. 

Explore on App: Finally, our next app update will include a new Explore section to make it easier to find your new favorite class — you will have the ability to filter and browse all available Wellness Coach content by categories.

We’re excited to continue to help everyone become their best selves this year! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and let us know what new features you’d like to see from Wellness Coach in the future.

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