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Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 2pm ET – Register now!

Every company wants to produce better ROI and perform at the top of their game, all while maintaining a healthy and happy team. Enter mindfulness at work. Sign up for a webinar with Cheryl Jones, M.A., Founder of The Mindful Path and former Wellness Strategy Lead and Director of Mindfulness at Aetna, as she takes us through an in-depth conversation about the importance of mindfulness to a successful team.

You'll learn:

How to introduce the concept of mindfulness at work including crafting and sharing key messaging, implementing mindfulness exercises, gathering feedback and measuring results.



Cheryl Jones, M.A.

lucia sastre

Cheryl Jones, M.A.

Founder and CEO of

The Mindful Path

Lucia Sastre

Head of Marketing at


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