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When it comes to setting goals for the new year, many people chose to focus on improving their well-being. In fact, research from Statista shows some of the top resolutions are related to enhancing fitness, eating better, and spending more time with family. 

With this in mind, the Wellness Coach team has an exciting announcement! We’ve just rolled out a feature that allows you to launch your own wellness challenges focused on meditation, sleep, fitness, and more. With Launch-A-Challenge from Wellness Coach, you can now work toward well-being goals alongside others by creating challenges that focus on the wellness goals you’re most interested in.

Keep scrolling to discover how you can start creating fun and engaging challenges for yourself, your team, and your loved ones.

Introducing Launch-A-Challenge for Your Favorite App

14-Day Mind & Body Launch-A-Challenge from Wellness Coach, which is available via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and SlackHow can you encourage participation in wellness challenges? By making them accessible. 

We’ve made it quick and easy to access Launch-a-Challenge, either through the Wellness Coach desktop and mobile apps, or directly within your favorite platform with Slack, Teams, and Zoom integrations. This way, it’s simple for everyone to participate from wherever they’re located.

Launching your first challenge just takes a few minutes. Simply select the challenge type and duration, confirm all the details to launch, and then invite others to join the competition. And good news for work teams — employees can even invite people from outside the office to join the challenge with 5 free licenses to share with friends and family.

Benefits of Group Wellness Challenges 

Many people are still feeling the effects of pandemic-related stress, but wellness challenges provide a fun way to connect with others and receive encouragement that supports overall health and happiness. However, wellness challenges offer more benefits than just minimizing stress: 

  • Focuses on self-care  — Wellness challenges help to support a healthy work-life balance for employees and their family members. This type of benefit goes beyond healthcare to deliver a truly meaningful impact.
  • Accountability for achieving goals — By competing with friends, family, and co-workers, people are more likely to achieve their wellness goals. Research published in PLOS ONE actually shows that people are more likely to achieve New Year’s goals when they receive social support. 
  • Improved workplace satisfaction — When employees are engaged, they’re more likely to feel that their team values their contributions. Wellness Coach is the only digital health platform with a 51% engagement rate, making it a phenomenal way to keep teams satisfied. 
  • Fun opportunities to connect with others — With built-in leaderboards that show results in real time, you can enjoy some friendly competition with your friends, family, and colleagues. Plus, the visual display gives everyone the extra motivation they need to finish strong.

Stay Engaged with Some Friendly Competition

Eager to connect with others while achieving your wellness goals? Launch-A-Challenge makes it easier than ever, and it’s now available on the Wellness Coach mobile app, the Wellness Coach desktop app, Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

We also have numerous other features and resources that can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve mental well-being, and foster healthy relationships. Explore our other blog posts to learn more. 

To stay up to date on all things Wellness Coach, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Let us know what features you’d like to see next. We’re always looking for ways to further support your wellness journey. 

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