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Yoga is for Everyone

Opinion by Navjot Kaur Dhaliwal

One of the most beautiful things that I have witnessed when I step into a yoga
class is the diversity of students. Yoga is not just meant for a certain “type” of person- it
is for everyone! Don’t let instagram photos of women doing handstands intimidate you...
there are thousands of yoga asanas (poses) and each one of them serves a multitude
of benefits. Some may love pigeon (I know I do!) and some may love child’s pose.
Either way, there are plenty of yoga poses for you to try, no matter what your body type
or background may be! I have met people who found yoga to heal their body from an
injury or physical trauma. I have also met people who use yoga to heal their mind from
overthinking and stress. And of course, I have met those who use yoga as a tool to get
deeper into their spirit! I believe that when you try yoga, you can touch any or all
aspects of the mind, body, and spirit for a healthier overall lifestyle.

I remember a few years back when I used to only hear talk about yoga in the
major cities that I would visit (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego). Now, I have
noticed the buzz of yoga in every suburban town that I visit as well! Interestingly
enough, I did some research and according to the Yoga Alliance survey in 2016,
“approximately 37 million Americans practice yoga today- up significantly from 20 million
in 2012”. That is a lot of people in the West practicing yoga! Yoga has definitely been
trending the past few years and I only see this number growing with the amount of
studios, retreats, and teacher trainings increasing each year.

Every yoga teacher is different and it is important to find the teacher/studio that
resonates with you the most! Majority of studios that I have been to offer first-time

student deals and this is a great way to figure out whether a studio is right for you! Once
you have found a studio that you love, you will experience a Divine union within and all
around! In sanskrit, the word yoga means “union”. This means union of the mind, body,
and spirit. On another level, this could mean the union amongst all living beings and life
itself. When we are connected to all aspects of the self, we are connected to all aspects
of the outside world as well.

You can also practice yoga at the comfort of your own home, using apps like
Meditation.Live. I have found that my consistency with my yoga practice has increased
when I know I don’t have to always drive to a studio to get what I need. If you have
never tried yoga, I am hoping that you try it soon. Happy International Yoga Day!

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